Artist-Emotionist Mikhail Abram

Artist-Emotionist Mikhail Abram

Emotionism - canvas with feelings

Emotionism - canvas with feelings

You can order an individual canvas from the artist

You can order an individual canvas from the artist

Mikhail Abram

Artist working in the emotionism

Михаил Абрам - художник-эмоционистMikhail Abram (Abramov), Russian artist-emotionist.

Born in 1965, graduated from high school in 1983, he served in the army. In 1993 he went to England and studied at Kendal University, faculty of English literature and visited artists ' studios.

Until 2003 he lived in London, was engaged in business connected with real estate. Back in Russia, opened the restaurant "Makarov" in St. Petersburg and began a lot to draw.

The first personal exhibition of his works was organized in 2008 in St. Petersburg "Belka and Strelka" D.M. Pilikin and Inna Pozina. In 2013, the second solo exhibition was held in the Kazakh capital Astana, where Abram worked during the year.

In 2013, the picture of Mikhail Abram, "St. Petersburg lovers" won the special audience prize at the IV International competition of portraits Portrait now!", held at the St. Petersburg Museum of modern art "Erarta" concern "Carlsberg".

The third solo exhibition of Mikhail Abram took place in the gallery "Master" in St. Petersburg in 2014.

In 2012, Mikhail Abram became the founder of the Association for the support of young artists (APM) and the new cultural trend Emotionism”.

"My pictures are always an attempt at dialogue with the soul of the viewer," says the artist.

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